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25 March 2022

Deloitte, London

Quarterly Seminar 25 March 2022

FCA's General insurance pricing practices, demystifying neurodiversity and HR Strategy and top risks - a review of current internal audit topics

08 December 2021

Auditing climate change – practical guidance for the insurance sector

A follow up from the June Webinar - insurance firms' climate change strategies - guidance and update

24 November 2021

Practical ways to rethink the experience of work

How to use play to develop creativity, performance and wellbeing and make the workplace a fun place to be

22 October 2021

Future Proofing Internal Audit

Coping with change and challenges -strategy for the internal auditor

23 September 2021

Internal audit planning priorities 2022

An annual update looking at new areas of focus and internal audit's ongoing agile response to the changes and challenges faced by the Industry

30 June 2021

Internal Audit’s role in supporting insurance firms’ climate change strategies

Climate change and prudential risks - PRA's expectations

09 June 2021

Regulatory priorities and outlook post Brexit

How will Brexit change the way UK regulation functions over the next two years? What are the regulatory priorities through and after the Covid-19 crisis?

14 April 2021

Auditing Agile - Moving with the times

How can Internal Audit understand and adapt to the process of agile auditing whilst still delivering the insight and control that the business needs?

17 March 2021

Has Covid-19 defined a “new normal” for cyber security?

The impact of Covid on cyber security - lessons learnt and unexpected benefits

23 February 2021

The challenges of managing insurance claims in a Covid world

Covid and claims - how have they been adapted to cope with its impact?

16 December 2020

From prominence to prison - how and why do successful professionals fall from grace – Part II

A update from the very successful presentation given in December 2019