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Quarterly Seminar 10 March 2023

10 March 2023

9.30 - 1.30

First Quarterly Seminar of 2023 which will focus on External Quality Assessments, cyber risk and incident response and next generation internal auditing


The IIAG is pleased to announce that the first Quarterly Seminar of 2023 will be held on Friday 10 March at the Deloitte Offices, 2 New Street Square

The confirmed speaking panel and topics under discussion will be:

  • Cyber Practitioner’s Views on appropriate responses 
    • Presented by Matt Copelin, CIO, WR Berkley

A cyber attack happens every 39 seconds.  In this presentation Matt will discuss the current level of fear and uncertainty around these attacks and the costs and impact involved.  He will delve into what the different types of attack are, explain how they work and what we can do mitigate them.  Matt will also spend some time discussing what Audit and Compliance can do to help stop these attacks in an organisation.  

The presentation will conclude with a review of examples of the outcomes for companies who sustained an attack and will end with lessons learned to ensure delegates are better prepared in the future.  

  • Common Findings from EQAs (External Quality Assessments) 
    • Presented by Pippa Oakley, Senior Manager Internal Audit, Deloitte and Jamie Lee, Director, Deloitte

An enlightening presentation on the most common findings coming out of Deloitte’s most recent External Quality Assessments (EQAs) of internal audit functions against the IIA Standards and the FS Code and peer group. Many of you will be undergoing an EQA in the near future and should benefit from the insights in this presentation, which will also include some tips and practical considerations for you to consider before having an EQA.

Benchmarking is a key part of EQA reporting. Deloitte will also share some industry averages from their benchmarking analysis for key operational metrics from IA budget allocation to delivery timescales of Internal Audit functions. Insights into these benchmarking results allow an organisation to compare their performance against peers across industry or against other like metrics. 

  • Next Generation Internal Auditing 
    • Presented by Mark Peters, Managing Director, Protiviti and Alex Psarras, Associate Director, Internal Audit and Financial Advisory, Protiviti

During this session, Mark Peters and Alex Psarras will showcase how Internal Audit functions can embed process mining and advanced analytics across the entire lifecycle of an audit. They will introduce the basics of process mining and how audit teams can gain rapid insights into process performance and identify areas for improvement. Overall demonstrating best practices in using process mining and data analytics to drive effective and efficient internal audit.

  • GPDG Update and Survey

The Seminar will begin with registration and refreshments at  9.30am, will include a mid morning coffee break and finish with a buffet lunch at 1pm.

Attendance is £75 per head. Please note IIAG can't accept credit card payments so all payments must be made via BACS transfer.  

If you would like to attend book via the online booking facility (online bookings will raise the necessary invoice which should be passed to your accounts deparment, to be settled ahead of the Seminar). 

If you have any questions about the event please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing me


2 New Street Square

Greater London


The presentations for this event are available to download for IIAG members only.

A Cyber Practitioner’s Views on appropriate responses

Matt Copelin

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Next Generation Internal Auditing

Neil Macmillan
Alex Psarras

927 kb

EQAs - Common Findings - Deloitte 10 March 2023

Jamie Lee
Pippa Oakley

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Speakers Profiles

Matt Copelin


WR Berkley



Matt is an experienced Chief Information Officer and a 20+ year veteran of the Financial Services Industry.  He has worked in the consulting, Investment and Retail Banking, Logistics and Insurance industries and has held both UK and International roles.  

Matt started his career as a desktop support analyst before moving to project and programme management and then onto IT Management.  In his last role as CIO for WR Berkley he was responsible for 14 companies within the organisation, $1.2bn of premium, 20 diverse locations and accountable for rolling out International Insurance across the organisation.  

In the past he has been responsible for implementing GDPR, designing and delivering the IT within the Scalpel building across from Lloyds, completing a multi million pound B 2 C digital delivery and the successful greenfield build out of an IT organisation from scratch.

Matt has years of experience in delivering cyber solutions including what happens when an organisation actually is impacted by one.  


Jamie Lee





Jamie is a Director in Deloitte's London Insurance Internal Audit team with a focus on Lloyd’s and London Markets.

Having led co-source and advisory Internal Audit engagements as well as taken the role of a Head of Audit for a FTSE50 company, Jamie has experience in reporting to senior stakeholders on commercial and operational issues. Jamie leads the IA Advisory solutions on Benchmarking and IA Tools at Deloitte.

Her team on IA Blueprint has developed standard reports on EQA benchmarking and services the global EQAs that Deloitte perform.

Pippa Oakley

Senior Manager




Pippa is a Senior Manager in Deloitte's London Insurance Internal Audit team.

Her primary focus is Lloyd’s and London Market, and she has significant experience across the insurance industry, having worked in insurance since 2005. At Deloitte, she currently manages a number of co-source insurance internal audit arrangements, as well as managing external quality assessments (EQA) of Insurance Internal Audit functions. Pippa also reviews the majority of the insurance EQA reports as the subject matter expert.

Pippa has experience of working in industry, having spent three and a half years at QBE insurance before joining Deloitte.

Justin Pang

Managing Director




Justin is a Managing Director, based in Protiviti’s London office and leads Protivit’s Process Mining capabilities in the UK.

He brings over 17 years of experience in leading Internal Controls and Assurance Programmes across all three lines of defence for firms in the financial services industry. This includes leading Next-Gen Internal Audit engagements, leading controls transformation programmes, and advising clients on how to enhance their control environment leveraging technology

Alex Psarras

Associate Director




Alex is an Associate Director in Internal Audit and Financial Advisory at Protiviti’s Leeds office. He works closely with FTSE100 clients to align Internal Audit and GRC functions with their objectives, helping them bridge the gap between risk, data, and technology. Alex is an expert in implementing Data Mining, Visualisation, Machine Learning, Process Mining and Robotic Process Automation solutions and has considerable experience leading data-driven engagements.