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March 2019 Quarterly Seminar

8 - 8 March 2019

9.30 am - 1.30 pm

Quarterly update of current topical issues to include becoming digital, culture corruption and communication and cyber security

  • Culture, Corruption and Communication: Where does Internal Audit fit into the big picture?
    • Colin Green, Managing Partner, Ascendias BV

In this interactive session Colin will compare his experiences working in two very different business sectors, and the specific challenges of operating in emerging markets and cultures with a high level of bribery and corruption. This will include exploring different communication styles that can be deployed to increase the impact of the IA message to stakeholders. 

  • Cyber Security – a general auditor’s perspective
    • Graham Ayre, Internal Audit Contractor

Cyber attacks are a pervasive and potentially very damaging threat, with recent research from the US Department of Justice reporting over 4,000 ransomware attacks daily. As the sophistication of the cyber-attacks increases, businesses need to ensure that they continue to be aware of the developments and protect themselves as much as possible. Based on his personal experience investigating cyber incidents, together with information gained from attending Chief Security Officer conferences, Graham’s presentation will address the fact that cyber security is not just a technological problem which is the responsibility of the IT function but potentially has implications for virtually every member of staff within the business. The presentation will also consider the potential impacts for those insurers who offer cyber security cover within the insurance products they underwrite.  

  • Becoming digital
    • Jason Whyte, Associate Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

Many insurers are now focused on building a digital presence to interact with their customers and distributors, but often underestimate the scale of change required. Becoming digital is not “just another transformation project” but fundamentally changes the way functions across the organisation work. How do you enable customers to self-serve from your propositions without becoming lost or stuck? How do you keep up with a changing market without losing focus?  How do you manage the operational risk of exposing your processes to the outside world? What new risks do you face from enabling online transactions? How do you know that your customers are getting good outcomes from their online interactions? What does a digital world mean for your skills, capabilities, people and culture? In this session, Jason will explore some of the lessons learned from insurers going through the digital journey.


2 New Street Square

Greater London


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Speakers Profiles

Graham Ayre

Internal Audit Contractor




Graham has over 35 years external and internal audit experience. He started his career with Ernst & Young (EY) working in both the UK and overseas for a period of over 13 years. After leaving EY he held senior Internal Audit positions in insurance companies, including Head of Internal Audit, for nearly 20 years before becoming a consultant in 2016. He currently works for the internal audit function of a Lloyd’s syndicate

Colin Green

Managing Partner

Ascendias BV





Following his first Chief Audit Executive position in the Healthcare sector, Colin worked in various IA leadership roles in the London Insurance Market. More recently, relocating to the Netherlands as Group Director for a major Telecommunications and Media Group operating in emerging markets. He has a futuristic view of IA and his focus has always been on developing the effectiveness of assurance functions, increasing their value proposition and relevance to the business.

He now operates his own consultancy advising clients on assurance performance transformation.

Jason Whyte

Associate Partner

Ernst & Young LLP





Jason is an Associate Partner in EY’s UK Insurance sector team with over 20 years’ experience in Life & Pensions, Retail Investment and Banking in the UK, India and China. He specialises in helping providers adapt their strategies and operating models in response to market and regulatory changes.

Jason recently led the development of Pensions in 2030, a global study of how we could rethink pensions and retirement systems to be fairer, more sustainable and produce better outcomes for countries and individuals.