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Good Practices Development Group

Organising Committee of the GPDG John Roder - Chair, Julie Woodward and Lesley Farmer

Aims and Purpose

In pursuit of the vision and objectives of the IIAG, the GPDG has been established to:

  • Develop materials for people to use in their day to day work, including, but not limited to, good practice guidance, benchmarking of practices, audit programmes, and technical analysis
  • Develop thought leadership on key issues faced in the day to day running of an internal audit department and in auditing
  • Promote good systems of governance, with particular focus on internal control risk management
  • Provide feedback on our research projects to the wider IIAG, with consideration of what outputs could be shared with regulators, the CIIA, and other relevant bodies and forums.
  • Identify potential professional and industry consultation that affects internal audit practice, for analysis comment by the GPDG
  • Provide a dedicated support network and sounding board on topical issues

Current work streams:

  • 2016/17: Use of Data Analytics; Solvency II Data Quality and Model Risk; and refresh to the review of Risk culture, ethics and values

Past works streams:

Audit work programmes for:

  • Project Assurance
  • Co - sourcing (presentation only - awaiting detailed toolkit)
  • ORSA
  • Risk culture, ethics and values
  • Boardroom strategy
  • Audting in a fast-changing organisation
  • Auditing outsourced processes

Survey on the approaches to:

  • Rating of audit observations
  • Auditing Solvency II
  • Integrated assurance

Refer to Knowledge section for materials produced by the GPDG (registered users only access).