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The IIAG was formed over 20 years ago by a small number of heads of audit with a common interest to share best practice promoting the profession in the insurance and financial services industry. In response to increasing regulation and rising standards of governance, risk management and compliance, the IIAG has evolved as a highly valued forum that consistently contributes to the ongoing development and advancement of the internal audit profession and to risk and compliance practices.

The IIAG's success can be attributed to the firm support of all who continue to attend its events, its volunteer Committee, and in particular all those voluntary speakers from industry trade bodies, regulators, professional firms and others interested in promoting good governance, compliance and risk management in the industry. The IIAG is self governing.

Advancing the profession and practices

The IIAG is focused on assisting internal auditors and related risk and compliance practitioners to develop their profession and practices by organising events that facilitate the discussion of emerging issues, risks and areas of development that impact insurance and the wider financial services industry.

The IIAG provides opportunities to meet, learn from and network with peers, primarily through a series of seminars and conferences that boast high attendance.  Seminars take place quarterly, each comprising 3 or 4 presentations by leading experts and practitioners from within the industry relating to topical issues.

The IIAG's conferences are usually held every other year spanning over 2 days, providing greater opportunities for delegates to explore and debate topical issues.

The IIAG is supported by the work of its Good Practices Development Group (GPDG), established in 2012 to harness best in class working practices on topical subjects identified by the associates themselves. Workstreams consist of small teams of volunteers who work together on each topic.

For information of past and forthcoming events, visit our Events page.