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How to Ace Your ON-Camera Meetings (& Engage Your Audience!) Tips and Tricks ...from a BBC Pro

12 May 2021

12.00 - 1.00 pm

How to look, sound, and feel awesome on camera!

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For this session we will be joined by IIAG regular, The Impact Guru, Esther Stanhope - Speaker, Award Winning Author and Broadcasting Expert 

Esther’s Practical Session Includes Tips on:


  • How to approach ALL remote meetings from one on ones to multi office
  • How to host, moderate & keep the audience MOTIVATED
  • Confidence and executive presence on camera
  • Etiquette and ‘house-style’
  • How to look good in your shot, background and wardrobe tips
  • Voice, pace, timing
  • Lights, camera, action (what TV professionals do)
  • Body language and non-verbals
  • How to start, how to end, what to avoid!

IIAG’s regular guest speaker, Esther Stanhope is an award-winning author who’s helped Hollywood stars, politicians and business execs radiate charisma live on air at the BBC! She knows how to help audit professionals like you, look, sound, and feel awesome on camera.

She’s spoken about personal impact at leadership summits all over the world from Deloitte & IIA Conference in London, to Harvard, USA.

You’ll walk away with tips you can apply immediately to up your game in remote and hybrid meetings.

You can share the tips with your own team and


Bonus – you all get the chance to win a signed copy of Esther’s award winning book “Goodbye Glossophobia – Banish Your Fear of Public Speaking” full of tips and tricks to help you shine on camera


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Esther Stanhope

The Impact Guru



Esther is a former ‘Live’ BBC producer.  She has worked with Hollywood stars and ‘big’ personalities (including George Clooney and Boris Johnson) and now uses her 26 years of broadcasting and business expertise to help professionals speak with more impact and confidence in; boardrooms, conferences, pitches, ‘town halls’ and presentations.

Esther speaks at events all over the world empowering people to get their voices heard, boost their confidence and boost their business. She also appears regularly in the media.