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Auditing Agile - Moving with the times

14 April 2021

12.00 - 1.00 pm

How can Internal Audit understand and adapt to the process of agile auditing whilst still delivering the insight and control that the business needs?

In this session we will be joined by Mark Paton Finance Manager and Peter Mayer Managing Partner , Pelicam who will share their knowledge of Agile auditing and methodology.

The Insurance Industry is being driven by regulators and consumers to provide new products at pace to give different and more varied pricing options.  Internal Audit have a key role in making sure the risk of delivering these outcomes is managed and aligned to business appetite.  Many of the programmes and projects set up to achieve these changes will be run using an Agile methodology.  This session will explore what key things Internal Audit can do to understand the process and how to adapt to it whilst still delivering the insight and control that the business needs. 

This will be an interactive session, and Mark and Peter will take questions via the chat window during each section of the presentation and at the closing Q&A session.


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Speakers Profiles

Peter Mayer

Managing Partner




Peter is the founder and owner of Pelicam. He designed and created the PELICAM 360, the Project and Programme Predictive Model and Competency Frameworks at the heart of Pelicam’s success. He has over 26 years’ experience managing and directing complex business/technology projects and has completed multiple project assurance and recovery initiatives in finance/insurance services, retail, energy, logistics, telecoms, and other commercial sectors.


  • Large scale transformational change
  • Assurance and audit: Key success factors for change, and managing out risk
  • Programme direction and leadership, sponsor support
  • Designing and shaping change initiatives and effective mobilisation
  • Programme trouble-shooting and turnaround.

Mark Paton

Finance Partner




Mark is a financial services professional with over 25 years front office, risk, compliance and senior operational roles.  His experience covers buy side, sell side, wealth management, hedge funds, technology, project management and senior consultancy. He is comfortable contributing at a Board or strategic level but able to balance that with a pragmatic approach to working with BAU teams and change functions. He was an Executive Director with Morgan Stanley International and Head of Global Operations for Cheyne Asset Management.  He now works as a specialist in change management, compliance and business risk.  Mark sits on the Investment Association Committees for Brexit and ESG.  


  • Compliance & Operational Risk Strategy 
  • Due Diligence, Change Management, Business / IT Liaison, Team Management and Development 
  • Sponsorship & Mentoring, Workshop Facilitation and Requirement Gathering 
  • Project Management, Strategic Stakeholder Management & Communication Strategy 
  • Full Transaction & Project Lifecycle / project communication planning and execution.