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Has Covid-19 defined a “new normal” for cyber security?

17 March 2021

12.00 - 1.00 pm

The impact of Covid on cyber security - lessons learnt and unexpected benefits

In this session we will be joined by Daniel Duran, Senior Manager, EY who will share his insights on the impact of Covid 19 on cyber security, both the drawbacks and unexpected benefits. 

As we continue to navigate the challenges brought by the global health crisis we continue to observe an evident increase in the adoption of digital solutions. The use of videoconferencing and similar technologies, as well as a big push to trust cloud providers to enable what was tagged as “new ways of working”, lead us to ask whether there been a “new normal” for cyber security?

Daniel will explore some of the most significant impacts these disruptions have had in the way cyber security is managed, some advantages and disadvantages the disruption has caused, and some hints on how organisations can make the best out of the opportunities laid out from the pandemic.


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Daniel Duran

Senior Manager





Daniel Duran is a Senior Manager in the Financial Services practice at EY. With more than 20 years in the field, a MSc in Information Security from the Royal Holloway, an MBA from the Chicago Booth and several professional qualifications, Daniel advises medium and large financial services organisations on how best to address its most pressing challenges to manage digital risk.

Daniel is passionate about the role of innovation to tackle today’s biggest challenges in our communities and markets